Michele Ziemke: Author & Artist

Confessions of a Lukewarm Christian

With humor and wit, Michele reveals her path from mediocracy to a life of passion. 

Be prepared to grow closer to God and answer for yourself why we exist!


I hope to bring awareness of a little known heart condition called Prinzmetal. In the chapter "Star Struck" in my book Confessions of a Lukewarm Christian, I describe my heart attack, and briefly mention the many years of missed diagnosis.  I was young, lead a healthy lifestyle, and the only one who really thought my bottom was too big; in other words, I was not the normal candidate for heart disease. My many symptoms, including serious mini strokes called TIAs, were dismissed by the medical community as anxiety and hypochondriac needs for attention.     


Heart Disease in women can present itself very differently from men. Please take just a few minutes to review these symptoms, and read the article about Prinzmetal angina...it could save your life, or the life of someone you love.


Heart Attack Sypyoms in Women               Printmetal

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Discover Michele's paintings inspired by the beautiful waters of Manitoulin Island on the North Channel, and the calming shores of Lake Erie.


"Painting landscapes is my humble attempt to show God's beauty in this world!"